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2020/09/17 ~ 2020/12/31

Having trouble choosing vacuum pump?

Download "Rocker Pump Application Guide", 
Select the RIGHT PUMP.

Vacuum Pump / Vacuum Filtration System

 Oil Free Vacuum Pump 

Built in Prote™ Overflow Protection

 PTFE Coated Vacuum Pump 

Offers good chemical resistance



 Resistant Vacuum Pump 

The PTFE pump head and FFKM valve ensure exceptional resistance to chemical

 Oil Vacuum Pump 

High vacuum, high flow rate


 Diaphragm Liquid Pump 

Transfers liquid directly to waste and saves 40% bench space

 Suction System / Vacuum Filtration System 

An All-in-One and compact system provides safe design of operation


 Vacuum Filtration System 

Systematic platform can both filtrate and drain the waste liquid away directly

 Vacuum Filtration System 

Specialized for large number of samples filtration


2020/08/21 ~ 2020/12/31

No More Wasted Time!
Fast Flame Sterilization

Equivalent Efficiency to Steam Sterilization (Autoclave)
Save 80% time & Reduce 40% average cost than autoclave


Instruction (apply only on stainless steel material filter holder)

Flame the support base and membrane support with Dragon 100 lab burner.

Put the funnel upside down on the desk and flame it from the bottom.
Wear THICK glove to lift up the heated funnel and put it on the support base.

To Be Continued...

Write us to get FULL version Instruction of Flame Sterilization
Product Information

SF Stainless Steel Filter Holder

(100 / 300 / 500 ml)

Dragon 100 Lab Burner


2017/09/01 ~ 2018/09/01

Los Embudos Magnéticos Rocker están diseñados con und doble capa de imanes , que aseguran un sello hermético entre el embudo y la base de apoyo. El diseño es fácil de usar,permite operar con una sola mano y evitar una posible torsión y rotura de la membrana.

2012/01/01 ~ 2012/01/01

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