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WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter
Water Analysis System WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter

Features :
◆ 4 parameters in one instrument
Built-in 4 standard curves including COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Nitrogen in one protable instrument.

◆ Ideal for multiple users
Up 11 curves can be ste up and saved in WD 100 so that it can be used by multiple users for different measurement.

◆ Fast detection
WD 100 needs no pre-heating and only takes 3 seconds to display and save the concentration after inserting the heated vial into the detector.

◆ High-efficiency measurement
Detect and save testing records in 3 seconds without preheating. Up to 100 data can be stored automatically.

◆ User-friendly setting
The favorite setting helps access the commonly used curves quickly.

Certification :
◆ CE certification

Applications :
◆ Wastewater analysis from factories
◆ Water monitoring, such as surface water and groundwater
◆ Environment monitoring in lake, pond and river

Ordering Information :

◆ 191100-01
WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter with AC100~240V, US plug adaptor
◆ 191100-02
WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter with AC100~240V, EU plug adaptor

Video Instruction  [HD version]

◆ Brands of reagents:Hach
◆ Standard program:COD, NH3-N, TP, TN

◆ Display:LCD with backlight
◆ Light source:LED 
◆ Working Wavelength:420 nm , 610 nm
◆ Wavelength choosing:automatic
◆ Detecting time:3 sec
◆ Optical stability:≤ 0.005 Abs / 30min
◆ Storage:100 records
◆ Data information:Item, wavelength, concentration, sample number, time
◆ Power Supply: DC 9V battery or power adapter
◆ Dimension (LxWxH): 
   23.0 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm

product information page download  :
          WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter

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