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Lafil 100 (eco version)
Biosuction Lafil 100 (eco version)

Features :
◆ All in One, space-saving
Lafil 100 series suction system integrates vacuum sources, waste bottle and suction kit into a system. Saves 65% bench space.

◆ Ideal for operation in laminar flow
The compact size of Lafil 100 series suction system allows for work in laminar flow. Anti-UV cloth cover is optional.

◆ Safe and convenient
  (1) Fence-like platform design prevents negligence from tipping over the waste bottle.
  (2) Syringe filter prevents liquid from overflowing when bottle is full.
  (3) Storage rack provides a smart solution for suction adaptors accommodation.h cover is optional.

◆ Eco control feature (Lafil 100eco)
Engery-saving Lafil 100eco will stop operating when achieving the maximum vacuum, and resume working when operated again. The pump performance can be fully optimized by reducing electricity consumption and keeping the workplace quiet.
*Lafil 100eco is automatically shut off at 480 mbar and restarted at 813 mbar.

International certification: 
◆ CE certification

Applications :
◆ Cell culture aspiration
◆ Laboratory waste suction

Ordering Information :
 Lafil 100eco, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, US Plug
 Lafil 100eco, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, EU Plug
 1000 ml PP vacuum bottle
 500 ml glass bottle with GL45 suction cap

Video Instruction  [HD version]

◆ Power:DC12V, 0.5A
◆ Max. vacuum:480 mbar*
◆ Max. flow rate:4.0 L/min
◆ Aspiration rate:9 mL/sec
◆ Net weight:1.3 Kg
◆ Dimension (LxWxH):26.5 x 13 x 28 cm
*Lafil 100eco is automatically shut off at 480 mbar and restarted at 813 mbar.

◆ Case:ABS
◆ Handle:POM
◆ 1-channel / 8-channel tip adaptor with
◆ GL45 suction cap:PP


product information page download  :
          Lafil 100 portable suction system

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