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CD 200 - COD Detector
Water Analysis System CD 200 - COD Detector

Features :
Ideal for major brands of reagents
CD 200 detector is equipped with multi-curve in single one unit offering not only built-in standard curve for HACH, Lovibond, CHEMetrics reagents but also a simple method to setup standard curves for other brands of reagents.

Wide measure range
CD 200 detector can measure COD value within 3 ranges of 10-150, 100-1500 and 1000-15000 mg/L.

Fast detection
CD 200 needs no pre-heating and only takes 3 seconds to display and save the COD concentration after inserting heated COD vial into the detector.

Data storage up to 100 records
The built-in memory can store up to 100 records for convenient access.

◆ Finish water analysis in 3 easy steps

COD Testing Process-01 COD testing process - 02 COD testing process-03

Step 1. Sampling

Pipet 2.00 ml sample into a COD vial

Step 2. Digestion

Heat the vial for 2 hours at 150°C

Step 3. Detection

Detect the vial to get COD value

Certification :
◆ CE certification

Applications :
◆ Waste water test from factories
◆ Water monitoring, such as surface water and groundwater
◆ Environmental monitoring in lake, pond and river

Ordering Information :
CD200, COD Detector with US plug adaptor (100-240V)
◆ 198200-02
CD200, COD Detector with EU plug adaptor (100-240V)

Video Instruction  [HD version]

◆ Brands of reagents:Hach, Lovibond,
   Chemetrics and 6 user-defined reagent
◆ Measure range:
   10 - 150 mg/L ,
   100 - 1500 mg/L ,
   1000 - 15000 mg/L
◆ Display:LCD with backlight
◆ Light source:LED 
◆ Working Wavelength:420 nm , 610 nm
◆ Wavelength choosing:Automatic
◆ Detecting time:3s
◆ Optical stability:0.005 Abs / 30 min
◆ Storage:100 records
◆ Data information: Concentration,
   sample number, time
◆ Power Supply: DC 9V battery or power
◆ Dimension (LxWxH): 
   23.0 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm


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