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Laboratory Filtration :

ROCKER is one of the leading suppliers of vacuum filtration apparatuses in the world, ROCKER manufactures quality and cost effective vacuum pumps, compressors, manifolds, funnels and provides filters for different applications, Rocker's vacuum filtration product includes filtration glass set, vacuum pump, manifold and funnel.

Laboratory Filtration : Vacuum Bottle

1200ml PES Waste bottle (including cap with suction fitting) 1200ml PC waste bottle 

PES Vacuum bottle


PC Vacuum bottle


1000/2000 ml PP Vacuum Bottle 4000 ml PP Vacuum Bottle


PP Vacuum Bottle

  * 1000ml / 2000ml

PP Vacuum Bottle

  * 4000ml
  * 4000ml, with Drain

1000ml Receiver Flask  

Receiver Flask

  1000mlwith Drain


Laboratory Filtration : Accessories


PP Funnel Lid for PES fennel or Magnetic filter folder Syringe Filters and Disc Filters 

PP Funnel Lid

  300ml Funnel Lid
  * 500ml Funnel Lid

Syringe | Disc Filters

  Syringe filter 25mm, 0.2 μm
  Small disc filter 35mm, 0.2 μm
  Large disc filter 50mm, 0.2 μm

Membrane Filters
 1000ml flask Silicone Fixing Sucker

Membrane Filters

  Pall , Glass fiber filter 47 mm
     1 μm
  Pall , MCE membrane 47 mm
     0.45 μm

Silicone Fixing Sucker

  Suitable flask size: 1000 ml



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