Diaphragm Liquid Pump
Alligator 200

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Diaphragm Liquid Pump

Laboratory Pump / Diaphragm Liquid Pump : Feature

Alligator 200 comes with a built-in liquid pump that transferring the filtered liquid directly to waste. No need of waste bottle. Improve the filtration efficiency by elimination lots of cleaning, disconnecting and installing steps. Saving working space by getting rid of tubing and waste bottle. Alligator 200 is driven by diaphragm with no oil pollution. Built-in 60W brushless DC motor offers a stable flow rate and prolongs the life of pump.Alligator 200 is complied with ISO 8199 regulatory and is ideal for microbiological sample filtration.

Laboratory Pump / Diaphragm Liquid Pump : Specification

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Alligator 200

  * Max. vacuum:
    313 mbar / 31.3 kPa / 525 mmHg
  * Max. liquid flow rate:4.5 L/min
  * Motor:60W Brushless DC motor
  * Noise level: 60 dB
  * Input voltage:DC24V, 1.8A


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