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Microplate Vacuum Manifold

Life Sciences / Microplate Vacuum Manifold

WelVac Series is designed to replace traditional centrifuges with vacuum source to simplify purification process of plasmid DNA, single-stranded phage DNA, RNA, genomic DNA, viral nucleic acids from PCR and other enzymatic reactions.


WelVac 200 microplate vacuum manifold protein purification
  WelVac 210 microplate vacuum manifold system DNA RNA purification

WelVac 200

  WelVac 200 microplate
     vacuum manifold

  Spin column adapter
     board (24 hole)

  Luer connector (25/pk)
  Luer stopper (25/pk)
  Waste tray

WelVac 210

  WelVac 210 microplate vacuum
     manifold system

  Rocker 300, Vacuum Pump
  WelVac 200 microplate vacuum

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