Water Analysis System
CD 200 - COD Detector
CR 25 - COD Reactor
WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter

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Water Analysis System

Water Analysis / COD Measurement :

CR 25 COD Reactor is used to digest closed micro reflux COD vial and can meet USEPA 410. 4. It is easier and safer than traditional open macro reflux method. CD 200 COD Detector and WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter are designed to offer COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Nitrogen test.  

CR25 COD reactor

CR 25, COD Reactor

  * CR 25 - COD reactor
  * Block capacity:
    25 x 16 mm sample vials,
    Optional block (8x20mm+
    6x25mm vial) is available.


COD testing
WD 100 Multiparameter Colorimeter, Multiparameter Colorimeter, COD measurement, Total Phosphorus measurement, Total Nitrogen measurement, Ammonia Nitrogen measurement  


CD 200, COD detector

  * CD 200 - COD decctor
  * HACH, Lovibond, CHEMetrics
     and 6 user-defined reagent curves

WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter

  * WD 100, Multiparameter Colorimeter
  * 4 parameters in single one instrument: COD, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Nitrogen.

Video Instruction [HD Version]

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