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Q: (I) Oil Free Vacuum Pump
Q: (II) Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump | Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump | Oil Free Air Compressor
Q: (III) Filtration System
Laboratory Filtration
Laboratory Pump
Q: Are rocker series corrosive resistant?
Q: Can 50Hz vs. 60Hz power supply be used for rocker series? And how about 110v vs. 120v or 220v vs. 240v?
Q: Could rocker vacuum series be converted into the usage of compressor?
Q: How many hours can rocker series keep operating continuously?
Q: Is it possible that after a period of working may decrease somewhat flow rate?
Q: Is there any service part excluded in guarantee of two years?
Q: Is there other expression of vacuum capacity?
Q: Please clarify your guarantee for both 3000 hrs and 2 years?
Q: What is pole (4 poles & 2 poles)?
Q: What is the major difference between piston and diaphragm pump?
Q: What is the meaning of 600mmHg? And how to convert mmHg into another units?
Q: What’s maximum working temperature of rocker series available for continuous operation?
Q: What’s the difference between rocker 300 and rocker 500?
Life Science
Q: Does dry cabinet need pour out water at certain period of time?
Q: What can Galaxy230’s PC software do?
Q: What’s the function about Back button?
Q: What’s the principle of Galaxy230 colony counter?
Q: What’s the range about petri dish holder?
Q: What’s the structure material of the dry cabinet?
Q: What’s the temperature control range?
Q: Why can Galaxy230 provide a glare-free illumination?
Q: Why has Galaxy230’s magnification range from 2 to 3 X rather than the fixed one?
Other Product
Q: What is the depth of the heating block and standard vial (25 x 16mm) with our COD Reactor?
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